Meeting 4/10/2012 9:00 AM
Vote Results
Robin FisherMoverYes/Aye
Chuck NelsonVoterYes/Aye
Trudie InfantiniVoterNo/Nay
Mary Bolin LewisSeconderYes/Aye
Andy AndersonVoterYes/Aye
April 10, 2012 9:00 AM Adopted

Chairman Nelson stated the Board has talked about this as an issue; there are foreclosure problems in communities; commercial property was previously exempted; he has issues on Merritt Island with well-cared-for properties having a commercial property doing the same thing to businesses as it does to residential areas, by bringing down property values and creating an inappropriate problem with the banks; and it is not hurting anyone by the banks being responsible for their properties.


Commissioner Anderson inquired if the proposal is a one-time registration fee.  Robin Sobrino, Planning and Development Department Director, responded affirmatively.  Commissioner Anderson stated other jurisdictions are charging the registration fee yearly or every other year; in Brevard County it is a one-time registration fee, unless there is a transfer of property.  Ms. Sobrino responded it is being requested that there is a renewal on an annual basis, as needed; but there would be no fee associated with that, it is just to insure the data-base is up to date.


Chairman Nelson inquired if it will come back to the Board for a final decision.  Ms. Sobrino responded affirmatively.


Commissioner Fisher inquired if Chairman Nelson is suggesting to add commercial.  Chairman Nelson responded yes.


The Board directed staff to develop regulations to enact a foreclosure registry ordinance for single-family residential properties and commercial properties that have a lis pendens and/or action for foreclosure; directed staff to prepare legislative intent; and granted permission to advertise.